Services Overview

Easily manage the entire trade process with the platform

From creating trade orders to delivery, with just a few clicks, you can also apply for a financial guarantee or pre-financing
The status of all trading transactions
can be viewed online
Guaranteed payment
when conditions are met
Facilitated settlement of trading
transactions via a common platform

At a glance

  • Automated monitoring of contract conditions and triggering of payments
  • E-mail notification of status changes
  • Simple application for and issuance of a payment guarantee
  • Greater flexibility thanks to the financing option

How works

  • Buyers and sellers work together on the platform.
  • The details of the trading transaction, conditions and terms of payment are entered, confirmed and saved by both parties.
  • Payment is executed automatically as soon as the specified conditions are met and sufficient liquidity is available.
  • Buyers or sellers can optionally apply for a guarantee (BPU) or financing (BPU Financing) via the platform.

Optional guarantee

  • Bank payment undertaking (BPU)
    Buyers can optionally instruct their bank to provide a payment guarantee to the seller. The bank agrees to transfer a predetermined amount to the seller as soon as the agreed conditions have been met. A BPU constitutes an irrevocable and absolute obligation on the buyer's bank.

Optional financing

  • BPU financing
    Sellers can request financing from their bank and then assign the BPU to the bank. In order for the financing to be paid out, the agreed conditions must be fulfilled.
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